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Guiding Principles of Compassionate Patient Care By Kenneth Scott Lloyd, MD

10 Jul

Compassionate patient care—the “art” of medicine—involves combining medical expertise with a bedside manner that instills confidence in a physician’s work. While compassion may be more difficult to measure than technical competence, researchers agree that it can have very real financial effects on health care providers: those who practice compassionate care are likely to see higher patient satisfaction and retention rates.

Physicians who practice compassionate care follow a few guiding principles. Chief among these is the principle that patients must be treated as individuals and as humans, not as diseases. Further, MDs must work to improve patients’ overall health, which includes reducing levels of stress that may result from impersonal or belittling care. In addition to providing highly competent care, compassionate doctors must respect the privacy and dignity of their patients regardless of their conditions, and must put the health and safety of their patients at the top of their list of concerns.

About the author:

Dr. K. Scott Lloyd serves as a Pulmonologist at Respiratory Consultants of Houston, where he and his colleagues practice competent, compassionate patient care.