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The Importance of Providing Compassionate Patient Care

22 Aug

Kenneth Scott Lloyd, MD, currently works as an attending physician at Respiratory Consultants of Houston, PA, where he provides experienced care to patients in the ICU, long-term care, and skilled nursing divisions. In addition to his dedication to quality care, Dr. Kenneth Scott Lloyd is also committed to treating his patients with compassion.

According to a recent study published in the journal Health Affairs, only around half of U.S. patients believe that the health care system provides compassionate care. However, compassion can have profound effects on the patient’s experience. Patients who feel that their caregivers listen to their concerns and empathize with them often report higher levels of satisfaction than patients who feel their caregivers ignore their feelings. Caregivers who treat their patients with kindness and empathy may also lessen the patient’s stress and anxiety, which can in turn improve healing.

Though compassion is an important component of medical care, doctors and nurses who take the time to pay attention to patients’ emotional concerns may experience burnout, despite their best intentions. Because of the emotional and physical pain they encounter each day, it is important for health care professionals to learn techniques to help fight burnout and find the energy to empathize with patients.

Through several training programs and centers, such as the Schwartz Center for Compassionate Healthcare and Stanford’s CCARE, health care professionals have the opportunity to learn why compassion is important in the medical field and how to provide compassionate care without getting burned out.